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  • Zix Virox® is the product of choice in Pakistan for the disinfection of public facilities including the airport

Following government directives in Pakistan, the distributor of ZIX products in this country, FORWARD SOLUTIONS, is using the renowned disinfectant Zix Virox® for the disinfection of public facilities, including the airport.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the international health emergency at the end of January and has called on the international community to redouble its efforts. On 22 March, Pakistan reported 730 active cases of coronavirus and the cancellation of all international flights. In addition, cleaning and disinfection efforts have been intensified throughout the country. Forward Solutions uses Zix Virox disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting public facilities to ensure proper disinfection of common areas.

According to data published by the international press, the province of Sindh is the most affected, where 90 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, bringing the provincial count up to 396; new cases have been detected in pilgrims returning from Iran and that have been quarantined in Sukkur; the number of patients with COVID-19 in Balochistan increased to 104 with 12 new cases.

Pakistan, despite its close proximity to China, had remained unscathed by the virus until February 26, when a man from Karachi tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to the Express Tribune.

The Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causal agent of COVID-19, is the virus that is currently causing an epidemic outbreak. Disinfection is one of the main tools available to date to prevent the spread of the virus and keep the disease under control. 

Zix Virox®:


Traditionally, chemical disinfectants are applied to control diseases that are harmful to the health of livestock, animals and the environment. For this reason, we offer a new solution in biosecurity: Zix Virox.

Liquid sterilizing disinfectant. It is a synergic combination of peroxides, peracetic, organic acids, stabilizers and surfactantss.


It widely exceeds the requirements demanded by the UNE standards on antiseptics and chemical disinfectants of the European Union.

Efficacy: Virucide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Sporicide, Coccidicide

Decreases respiratory pathology: Periodic environmental disinfection. Decreases airborne transmission of germs

For more information on the effectiveness of Zix Virox® against coronavirus, visit the following link

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