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Biocides ZIX celebrates 20 years of business history innovating in biosafety, water treatment, disinfection, and animal nutrition, which has made it a clear benchmark and leader in the sector.

Since its foundation in Huesca, in April 2002, the company has been characterized by constant evolution, growth in research and innovation, expansion of business lines, and global development.

All this with the invaluable collaboration of the 20 people who currently make up the ZIX technical and human team and who contribute decisively to the successful and satisfactory business trajectory.

We create what others do not dare

Biocides ZIX, a manufacturer and marketer specializing in the creation of innovative and technological products in the field of hygiene, disinfection, and nutrition for livestock, bases its success on constant research and development of innovative solutions for the livestock industry.

Since its inception, the company’s activity has been focused on achieving effective and efficient biocides, fully biodegradable, and respectful of the environment.

The company has its R+D+i department which allows it to constantly add innovations to its products.

Presence in 40 countries on 5 continents

ZIX is currently present in the markets of 40 countries around the world, where it enjoys high recognition for its specialization in hygiene, disinfection, and excellent technical and human customer service with a marked personal touch.

Collaboration with institutions

ZIX Biocides also collaborates with external veterinary, medical, and chemical organizations, university faculties, accredited laboratories, and leading international institutes. All this, without forgetting its customers, who constitute the nucleus on which the company creates and develops its products.

ZIX Biocides projects and researches future products that will improve global animal health. All this contributes to making Biocidas ZIX a leading company in the hygiene, disinfection, and animal nutrition sector.

biocidesData of interest.


  • Fernando Sanagustín Corvinos creates the company.

“From the first moment, the business vision was based on the manufacture, sale, and service of products focused on veterinary hygiene, to reduce the pathology of farms and reduce the use of antibiotics”.

  • Launch of the Water Treatment line: Aquazix® Plus Ag


  • Launch of the new line of Disinfectants: Zix Virox
  • Opening of the company to the international market, marketing the products in America and Europe.


  • The Water Treatment line is completed with acidifiers (Azix Plus and Azix
    Forte) and cleaning products with Clean Zix.

Over the years, the company expanded the markets in which it was present, creating a network of distributors, to achieve a greater international presence.

Biocidas ZIX is present in 40 countries that account for 48% of turnover. Distributors are a fundamental pillar since the development of products and their proper implementation will be the key to success. It is about establishing the close collaboration and synergy of products and distributors.


  • Development of Nutritional Products. For a production free of antibiotics.

The company decided to increase its range of products focused on the same
objective, to improve animal health without the use of antibiotics from the
perspective of nutritional premixes for pig, poultry and cattle feed.


  • Creation of a new Biocides and Nutritionals factory.

For the launch of its nutritional line and the increase in biocide production capacity, the company opened its new ZIX factory in Huesca, Spain. The factory was equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee the quality that Biocidas Biodegradables ZIX requires of all its products.

Fernando Sanagustin Corvinos Director of BIOCIDAS ZIX words:

“Biosafety, water treatment, farm disinfection, and nutrition products continue to be our strong core business, and it will continue to be so. We are committed to animal production, it is the field where we are experts and we give an added value of product quality and knowledge of biosafety and nutrition”.

“The formulas of our products and the added value of our technical staff are the keys to our success”.

“We have managed to grow as a company in many ways, not only financially, but also in terms of staff, in terms of the services we offer, and above all in establishing ourselves in a constantly changing market thanks to Digital Transformation”.

“We are very proud of the evolution of the company, so the whole team toasts for this and more years of success and uninterrupted growth. We will continue working to offer the highest quality to our customers”.

biocidesFor more information:
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