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  • Now we develop our products under an ecological certification ECOCERT.

We all know that nature can provide us with the best and the worst thing, on the one hand, it caused problems, and on the other, it gives us solutions to face everyday challenges. At BBZIX we have always developed and produced technological products to succeed against present and future microbiological products.

BBZIX has gotten Ecologic Agriculture certification.

Besides developing technological products, we have gotten ECOLOGIC AGRICULTURE CERTIFICATE on some of our products by ECOCERT GROUP. This is a certified confidence stamp which is the leading ecological product certification and audit. During the process, ECOCERT evaluates the product´s ecological compliance, service, or system regarding environmental and social requirements (norm CE n°834/2007 & 889/2008). The set of norms highlights the positive impact practices in the society and environment.

Environmental respect.

Fernando Sanagustín Corvinos, Managing Director at Biocidas Biodegradables ZIX words: “ A leading, environmentally and society respectful company looks after the environment providing it with respectful products which preserve biodiversity, lessens climate change effects, respects the environment and distributes resources in an equitable way, we all have to contribute

We, BBZIX, are a company that from the very beginning we have been committed to environmental respect, we have developed different campaigns with the main objective of reducing our impact on the environment. Sustainable products commercialization, packages, and containers eco-design, resources sustainable use, carbon print activities reduction, waste management following a circular economy model, biodiversity preservation… are some of the examples which distinguish us.

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